“Sean helped us with the decision and did everything he promised. We highly recommend Sean.”


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For us bankruptcy was a sign of personal failure. Sean helped us with the decision and did everything he promised. Process happened exactly as he said it would. He answered all our questions day or night. We highly recommend Sean.


Sean contacted me within minutes of my request for a lawyer on Legalzoom. He explained in detail any questions I had and the basics of my case. At my request he'd come to my residents for meetings. All and all Sean was very respectful and helpful. Making my unfortunate times a bit more easy.


Sean is an extremely reliable and professional attorney. Trying to find an attorney that you can trust can be a challenge. The moment I met Sean, I knew instantly that he was an honest person. I knew that I could trust him, and he gave me honest legal advice. I could tell that he truly has a passion for his profession, and he genuinely cares for his clients. If you want a billion pounds...


Sean isnt your typical lawyer. Awesome dude. This man doesn't stop working for you. All in all my opinion one of pensyvaina. BEST.


Him and his associate stood by me and did everything to help me take control of my life again! Made everything simple and understandable. Thank you!


Sean and Leslie explained every step of the bankruptcy filing process and what to expect. They made me feel comfortable going through the process from the initial consultation to meeting with the Trustee. There were no surprises, and every phone call or email was answered quickly. They both did a fantastic job and made a difficult situation go as smooth as possible.


Mr. Sean Quinlan - A Lawyer/Man you will appreciate forever.
Mr. Quinlan provided me with an independent, intellectual and objective way for me to efficiently handle my case.

He is a good man who can be trusted as a legal professional. (Sean cares and gave me a sense of calm during my ordeal)...


Thank you Sean
I received a summons in the mail for a driving offense. I was facing points and suspension of license. Sean was very helpful and confident that, with his help, I would not lose my license. With the information I provided him about the incident he was able to get the charge reduced to a fine and no loss of license or points. Since I drive 60,000+ miles per year for my job, this was the best possible outcome. Sean was worth every penny and more. I highly recommend Sean. I would hire him again if I needed legal help.


The very best for you dollar.
I had a criminal case with 2 misdemeanors and a summery. This was my very first offense ever so I was very scared. Sean helped me out in many ways. First by giving me one of a kind advice and a full break down of the possible outcomes. He also went out of his way to contact the DA and make sure the case wouldn't go unesasarely far. The case ended just as he predicted with just a summery and small fine. Hiring Sean is one of the best investments I have ever made. Thanks so much!


Knowledgeable, approachable and dependable Lawyer
I used Sean for a DUI case I had in Pennsylvania while on work assignment there. I am originally from Virginia and was nervous about the court precedings, being an out-of-towner, and first time getting into any legal trouble. From my initial consultation with Sean I knew I had the right guy. He kept me informed, told me some options, and most importantly kept me out of jail and without getting my license suspended with just twenty hours of community service. I had to travel to Pennsylvania numerous times and Sean kept me informed well ahead of time of any changes. Even when I was late to court he was able to stall until I got there. He was patient with me even though he was going to be late to another courtroom in another town. He walked me through the whole process and was there every step of the way. A true gentleman who listened to my concerns even when I went off topic. I recommend Attorney Quinlan for any legal troubles you may run into.


True Profesional
Sean Quinlan was an excellent and very personable attorney. I feel that his fees are deffientaly affordable. His knowledge was benificial to the victory of my case. I can gaurantee if Sean would not have been fighting for me the outcome of my case and future would have not been a positive experience. Would be sure to use again if needed. If you have been arrested for a dui call Sean to have a consultation.


One of the Best
I was charged with a DUI, Sean was very helpful in answering any questions I had and helped me get into the ARD program. I felt confident that he cared and wanted too see the best outcome for me. Very professional and provided me with confidence that he was working on my behalf. Definitely one of, if not the best in the Harrisburg area, highly recommend to anyone seeking legal counsel.


My bankruptcy experience with Sean
If you are facing bankruptcy, you have enough problems. You shouldn't have to worry about your selection of an attorney.
I found Sean Quinlan online after contacting other attorneys that didn't even bother to return my call. Within literally 90 seconds after I completed the request form on Sean's site, the phone rang and it was Sean.
I explained my situation and Sean said we could meet the next day. I explained that I was handicapped and had difficulty traveling. Sean immediately offered to come to my house to begin the process.
When Sean arrived the next morning, it was as if we had known each other for years. He made it easy to understand the procedure and put me at ease with his relaxed, but professional attitude. He patiently answered all of my questions and outlined the steps for my case. He gave me a packet of information and directions to proceed.
Any time I had a question, I would email Sean and he promptly sent back an answer. I always had an easy feeling talking or emailing with Sean.
My bankruptcy went through as promised, without incident. Sean highlighted that I could call or write him anytime if I needed anything in the future.
Sean Quinlan gets my highest rating, not just for services rendered, but for his ability to take the fear and question out of the bankruptcy process.


Sean made my bankruptcy process simple
I am a single mother of three. I needed a lawyer that would guide me through my bankruptcy case every step of the way. Sean was that guy. I was moving to a new apartment before my case was dismissed. The electric company wouldn't turn on my service until I had a docket number for them. Sean promised he would have it done in time for move in day. He worked overtime to make it happen. My lights were on the day we moved in! Idon'tknow what i wowould have done without such a caring and diligent attorney.


I was very pleased with how well he kept me informed & always answered my questions promptly. If I ever need another lawyer, I will definitely be calling his office.


Wonderful lawyer
Had a very wonderful experience with Sean. He was always there to answer any questions I had at any hour. Highly recommend him in filing a bankruptcy.


Very Good Choice
Sean was very informative in my bankruptcy case. He explained from the beginning of what would take place, what I needed to provide for the court and what time frames needed to be met. Sean provided a step by step layout of the bankruptcy process from beginning to end.


Excellent attorney
Sean was a great asset to us in our legal matter. He was proffessional, understanding, and very caring. He was quick to answer and communication and was anxious to help walk us through the whole process. I would recommend him to anyone in need of his service.


Excellent and a pleasure to deal with...
I never liked Lawyers, But I can honestly say I would trust Sean Quinlan with my life. He has saved me and my wife. I would say overall he isn't just a lawyer he becomes a friend someone you can trust when you are going through a very bad time in your life.


Excellent Attorney
Sean made me fill welcomed and at ease as soon as I walked into his office. Very knowledgeable and kind. I could always contact Sean with any of my concerns and questions seven days a week. When it was time to file, he explained every procedure that was going to take place.


Sean Quinlan Expert Attorney
Sean Quinlan is a true professionl
Caring and always available to answer any concerns or questions
reguarding my Chapter 7 bankruptcy
Prepared and so knowledge he made me feel at ease on the day of
my court appearance.
I would hire Mr Quinlan again for any legal matter.
I highly recommned him.


Great Bankruptcy Lawyer
Sean contacted me within minutes of my request for a lawyer on legalzoom. He explained in detail any questions I had and the basics of my case. At my request he'd come to my residents for meetings. All and all Sean was very respectful and helpful. Making my unfortunate times a bit more easy.


Thanks Sean!
Sean was so much help during a difficult financial decision time . I would definitely recommend his services to those thinking of bankruptcy choices. He keeps you informed about the process and supports and guides you through each step! He was so personable yet professional at the same time. He really went out of his way to make the bankruptcy experience as painless as possible.


Genuine Human Being
Sean Quinlan is a genuine human being: trustworthy, responsive, knowledgeable, and personable. He goes “above and beyond” and puts the client first. Sean is always on time and very proactive. His passion for helping others really shines through his work and demeanor. I would recommend his services to anyone


He was a very kind and easy to talk to lawyer. I was intimidated at first, but he put me at ease. Very knowledgeable and gave me all the information I needed to make an educated decision about my situation. Very trustworthy.